How Do I Wagtail?

How Do I Wagtail?

Organizing Pages

Adding Pages

  • Page Location
    • Go into Wagtail site root and choose a location for your child page:
      • Campaigns - for advocacy campaigns
      • Initiatives - for all other initiatives
      • Blog - for blog posts
      • Docs - for internal documentation or reference only
  • Page Types
    • Choose the corresponding page type for your content:
      • Campaign Page - petition snippet
      • Initiative Page -
      • Blog - share buttons
    • Top level pages you shouldn’t need to add:
      • Wagtail homepage
      • Mini Site Name Space
      • Modular Page

Managing Pages

From the page directory view, hover over the page to reveal More page options and this will vary if it is a page or a child page. You can change the order of pages by selecting the icon left of Title and drag/drop to reorder and this will reflect on automatically generated menus.

screen cap

In the page editor view, you can manage how you save and previous from the lower bar.

screen cap
  • Saving Drafts
    • pages will not be live
    • view draft
  • Publishing
    • pages are live
    • view live
  • Unpublishing
    • pages revert to drafts (not live & URL becomes a 404 error)
  • Submitting for Moderation
    • this feature is to be set up and investigated!
  • Delete
    • permanently deletes pages
  • Move
    • relocate the page
  • Copy
    • duplicate the page
  • Revisions
    • Preview, Review or Compare past revisions
      • you can Replace current draft or Publish this revision
      • you can Compare with previous revisions to see changed fields

Page Modes

screen cap
  • Status
    • Draft
    • Live
    • Draft + Live
      • contains a combination of draft + live pages
  • Privacy
    • Privacy changes apply to all children of this pages too
    • Visibility Options:
      • Public
      • Private, accessible to logged-in users
      • Private, accessible with the following password
      • Private, accessible to users in specific groups
  • Edit Lock
    • Locked
    • Unlocked
      • this varies with user roles and permissions
      • page will be locked from edits within but you can still move, copy or delete it