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The State of Responsible IoT in 2018

by Peter Bihr on Sept. 10, 2018

Peter Bihr, 2018 Mozilla Fellow, gives a look at where the Internet Of Things is , and where it could be going next

Ars Technica

Fire dept. rejects Verizon’s “customer support mistake” excuse for throttling

by Jon Brodkin on Aug. 22, 2018

"Verizon's throttling has everything to do with net neutrality" Santa Clara was fighting a fire and Verizon throttled it's data . Now Santa Clara is fighting Verizon


Machine learning — Is the emperor wearing clothes?

by Cassie Kozyrkov on Sept. 18, 2018

What is machine learning? Googles Chief Decision Intelligence Officer attempts to demystify the jargon.


What role does Facebook play in Libya's civil war?

by Global Voices Advox on Sept. 18, 2018

On September 3rd Libya blocked Facebook in the city of Tripoli

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Common Voice

We don't all speak in one voice and we should all be heard. Project Common Voice is a Mozilla Initiative to improve voice recognition technology for all, by collecting data in multiple languages, openly.

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Venmo: put our privacy first

For millions of Venmo users, details of their spending habits are available for anyone to see. Can you ask Venmo to make transactions private by default?

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Internet Health Report

Is the Internet getting healthier? Is it under threat? Do we all have a voice on the web? Mozilla’s Internet Health Report is an open source initiative that combines research from multiple sources to document what’s healthy and unhealthy.

Privacy Not Included

Privacy Not Included helps choose toys to delight your family without losing privacy.


Facebook is a large part of our lives, look at data, learn the background, help us speak out.

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