Responsible CS Challenge

Today, computer scientists wield tremendous power.Through the Responsible Computer Science Challenge, Omidyar Network, Mozilla, Schmidt Futures and Craig Newmark Philanthropies are supporting the conceptualization, development, and piloting of curricula that integrate ethics with undergraduate computer science training

With Great Tech Comes Great Responsibility

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The Guardian

Tech suffers from lack of humanities, says Mozilla head

by Alex Hern on Oct. 12, 2018

Mitchell Baker CEO of Mozilla critiques tech lack of humanities and social sciences

WIRED Germany

Internet der Dinge: Mozilla und Universität Dundee starten gemeinsamen Studiengang

by Ben Hartlmaier on Oct. 23, 2018

Mozilla is piloting a new Ph.D. program with the University of Dundee looking at the Internet of Things , to deeply examine what that means for homes and lives of the future


Are Facebook, Twitter, and Google ready for the midterms?

by Anna Hensel on Oct. 10, 2018

How did tech platforms prepare for the recent American Elections, and was it enough?


Mozilla Wins a GA Gold Stamp of Approval for MozFest 2018

Oct. 24, 2018

Mozfest won a Gender Avenger gold stamp of approval!

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Common Voice

We don't all speak in one voice and we should all be heard. Project Common Voice is a Mozilla Initiative to improve voice recognition technology for all, by collecting data in multiple languages, openly.

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Open Leadership

Go beyond code. Learn the skills to grow your idea and change the world.

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Internet Health Report

Is the Internet getting healthier? Is it under threat? Do we all have a voice on the web? Mozilla’s Internet Health Report is an open source initiative that combines research from multiple sources to document what’s healthy and unhealthy.

Privacy Not Included

Privacy Not Included helps choose toys to delight your family without losing privacy.


Facebook is a large part of our lives, look at data, learn the background, help us speak out.

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We want to give users the knowledge and the power to make informed decisions by themselves to prevent abusive practices.

Rishab Nithyanand, Mozilla Fellow