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Responsible CS Challenge

by Mozilla on Oct. 10, 2018

Mozilla announces an exciting challenge to support the next generation of ethical tech makers. Deadline Dec 18th!

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MozFest is Coming! MozFest is Coming!

by Zannah Marsh on Oct. 12, 2018

Our annual festival for the open internet is coming !


Facebook Has Crossed A Line

by Mozilla on Oct. 4, 2018

Help us tell Facebook enough is enough


The Facebook Hack Exposes an Internet Wide Failure

Oct. 2, 2018

The problem with Facebook isn't just their control of data but how the rest of the Internet has mistaken that control for safety

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Common Voice

We don't all speak in one voice and we should all be heard. Project Common Voice is a Mozilla Initiative to improve voice recognition technology for all, by collecting data in multiple languages, openly.

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Open Leadership

Go beyond code. Learn the skills to grow your idea and change the world.

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Internet Health Report

Is the Internet getting healthier? Is it under threat? Do we all have a voice on the web? Mozilla’s Internet Health Report is an open source initiative that combines research from multiple sources to document what’s healthy and unhealthy.

Privacy Not Included

Privacy Not Included helps choose toys to delight your family without losing privacy.


Facebook is a large part of our lives, look at data, learn the background, help us speak out.

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We want to give users the knowledge and the power to make informed decisions by themselves to prevent abusive practices.

Rishab Nithyanand, Mozilla Fellow