How Do I Wagtail?

How Do I Wagtail?


Last Updated: March 31, 2023

Update Homepage Featured Article Section

You can:

  • Change the featured article
  • Change supporting articles
  • Change title of supporting articles section

Click 'Edit' on the ‘Privacy Not Included’ parent page. Towards the top will be a section called ‘Main Article’ where you can swap the big featured article. Below that will be the section to add, delete, or swap out ‘Supporting Articles’ and the title text that appears with that section. You can also reorder the way it appears.

Help Icon

When swapping or adding an article, sometimes the modal will bring you to the high level homepage rather than the PNI homepage. You should navigate to Homepage > Privacy Not Included > Articles to be able to find a list of all the PNI articles to choose from.

Screenshot of homepage of PNI
Screenshot of PNI's homepage CMS UI

Create Articles

Navigate to the ‘Articles’ page under Privacy Not Included. Once in ‘Articles’, click ‘Add child page’ and select option ‘Buyers guide article page’. Edit and publish like usual. Remember to fill out the promote tab!

Image of star

The 'Articles' page is nestled between other product pages and can sometimes be hard to find. You can sort alphabetically or by page type to have it show up near the top.

Screenshot of an article
Screenshot of the CMS view of Articles page

Add Related Articles

After creating your article, be sure to add some related articles so readers can continue reading.
Scroll down to the bottom of the article’s CMS page to the section ‘Related Articles’. Click ‘Add article’ to add any related articles. (3 Max)

Screenshot of related articles UI
Screenshot of CMS view of related articles section

Add Featured Articles to Article Index

Navigate to the ‘Articles’ page under ‘Privacy Not Included’ and click 'Edit' at the top to edit the parent page. You’ll see a ‘Popular Articles’ section where you can reorder or swap out articles.

Screenshot of article index page
Screenshot of CMS view of article index page

Add Related Articles to Category pages

Navigate to ‘Snippets’ on the side navigation. Then select ‘Buyers guide product categories’. Navigate to the category you want and scroll down to the ‘Related Articles’ section to add articles. (3 required)

Screenshot of PNI's category page
Screenshot of CMS view of the category page

Add Related Articles to Product pages

Navigate to any product page under 'Privacy Not Included', then scroll all the way to the bottom to the section ‘Related Articles’. Click 'Add Article' and a modal will appear to select which one you want. The first 3 articles will show up near the top of the page and the last 2 will show up in the footer section. (5 Max)

Screenshot of netatmo's product page
Screenshot of netatmo's product page's footer section
Image depicting UI of the product page's CMS

Create Petitions

Create a new child page under ‘Articles’, then select the page type ‘Buyers guide campaign page’. Publish as usual.

Screenshot of a petition page
Screenshot of CMS view showing different page options when creating child pages

Change OG Image of Category pages

Navigate to the Snippets menu, go to 'Buyers guide product categories'. Select a category and towards the bottom you’ll see the 'Share Image' section where you can choose or change the image.

Screenshot of CMS view of a product category snippet

Have any questions?

Or not seeing what you're looking for here? Reach out to us in our Slack channel #mofo-websites with any questions and we'll be happy to help!