Rally citizens

Issues around the health of the internet impact us all. Mozilla empowers consumers to demand better online privacy, trustworthy artificial intelligence, and safe online experiences from Big Tech and governments.

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*Privacy Not Included

Our buyer’s guide for connected products rates how private and secure they keep your data. It helps consumers to make more informed choices and has spurred manufacturers to make their products more safe.

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YouTube Regrets

YouTube’s recommendation AI is powerful but can be harmful, recommending false content in order to increase watchtime. After our campaign, the platform publicly acknowledged its problem and sat with us to devise solutions.

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2020 was a year unlike any other. We asked how the internet has been keeping you sane during this unprecedented time and over a thousand of you responded! Here’s what you had to say.

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Connect leaders

Mozilla supports activists and thought leaders shaping the future of our online lives, advocating for a better internet. We provide funding, mentorship, and connection to a growing community of leaders and innovators.

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Mozilla Fellowships

Covers a range of topics and disciples within the broader mission of Internet Health, upholding the internet as a force for good.

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Mozilla Awards

Supports educators, artists, technologists, and innovators of all types committed to making the internet better for their communities and us all.

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Mozilla Festival

This annual festival convenes thousands of like minded thinkers around the globe.

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Data Futures Lab

An experimental space for instigating new approaches to data stewardship challenges.

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Shape the agenda

The internet is a vast ecosystem. Mozilla’s research — from our annual Internet Health Report to our white papers — make sense of all of it. We investigate threats to a healthy internet, from the explosion of online tracking, to increasing internet shutdowns, to the advent of deepfakes. But we also highlight bright spots and provide solutions, from the potential of open data to nascent social media cooperatives.

Mozilla’s research, like its products, is open-source. It’s built with input from experts across the globe. And it’s free for others to re-publish, remix, and use in their own campaigns and curricula.


Internet Health Report

We use data visualization and original reporting to track ways the internet is helping — and hurting — users around the world.

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Our Research on Data Futures

Examining approaches to data stewardship and alternative data governance.

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Creating Trustworthy AI white paper

Unpacks the major challenges and opportunities in the AI era. We examine how artificial intelligence is intersecting with issues like bias, discrimination, and privacy.

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