How Do I Wagtail?

How Do I Wagtail?

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Getting Started

Production (Live) CMS :

  • Log-in with Google
  • Use your account
  • Contact Pomax if you have login trouble

Note: we don’t recommend using the Staging version anymore since data is automatically cleaned up in a weekly basis and you have the risk of losing your content. Instead of staging, please add your page to Production and save it as a draft to collaborate with your team and do the modifications you need before pushing it live to the public.

Dashboard & Access

screenshot of the dashboard

Here you have information on:

  • The number of pages, images, and documents currently held in the CMS
  • Your most recently edited pages & any pages currently awaiting moderation

In the menu, you should see be able to access:

  • Pages, People, News, Highlights, Images & Snippets.

Clicking on the Mozilla logo returns you to your Dashboard.

User Groups

Different user groups have a range of permissions and access. You can check by clicking on your name and going into Account settings.

screenshot of account settings
  • There are 5 roles with various controls: admin, author, editor, moderator & producer

If you are missing access to content you may need to change user roles, please contact Pomax.

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