internet health report

Internet Health Report

Is the Internet getting healthier? Is it under threat? Do we all have a voice on the web? Mozilla’s Internet Health Report is an open source initiative that combines research from multiple sources to document what’s healthy and unhealthy.

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internet health report

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The Webby Awards

Mitchell Baker to be awarded Webby Lifetime Achievement

by The Webby Awards on April 24, 2018

Chairwoman of Mozilla , Mitchell Baker to receive Webby Lifetime Achievement Award


Apple is reportedly pulling apps that give location data to third parties without consent

by Jeremy Horowitz on May 9, 2018

Ahead of the General Data Protection Regulation Apple is deleting apps that share data without explicit permission


We Asked People How They Feel About Facebook. Here’s What They Said

by Mozilla on May 7, 2018

47,000 people responded to our survey asking how they feel about Facebook.

Quartz Africa

After the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, can we talk about data privacy in Africa now?

by Linet Kwamboka on April 5, 2018

For some Facebook is the internet , Linet Kwaboka asks when will the conversations around privacy and security expand to reflect Africa

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Fellowships that Empower Leaders

Mozilla Fellowships provide resources, tools, community and amplification to those building a more ​humane​ ​digital​ ​world. Mozilla Fellowships are a transformative experience for emerging leaders concerned with making the internet a safer, more accessible resource for everyone.

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Dear Facebook: Stop cross site tracking by default

We’re calling on Facebook to turn off the default use of cross-site tracking tools that target advertising based on people’s browsing.

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Facebook Container

Browse the internet for yourself by yourself. Facebook Container keeps your personal browsing separate from any of your Facebook use.

Things Gateway

Mozilla’s IOT Lab has released Things Gateway , a step by step guide to creating your own secure smart home of internet and interconnected devices.

Web Literacy Curriculum

Web literacy skills like searching, remixing, and basic cyber-security are necessary for people to understand and take full advantage of all the internet has to offer.

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We want to give users the knowledge and the power to make informed decisions by themselves to prevent abusive practices.

Rishab Nithyanand, Mozilla Fellow