How Do I Wagtail?

How Do I Wagtail?

Video Embeds

There are a couple of blocks that allow you to embed video on the Foundation site.

  1. Video Embed Block
  2. Hero Header on Article and Publication Page Types

Video Embed Block

Use the Video block that is available on most page types. Make sure to use the Share URL of the video and not the browser page URL.

Screen cap of where to find video embed url on Youtube

Hero Header

To embed a video background on your Article and Publication pages you need to upload your video to MoFo’s Vimeo account and retrieve a “Video File Link”.

To do this:

Log into Vimeo using 1Password and upload the desired video. Then select the video and click "Advanced", "Distribution", and "Video File Links". Copy and paste the link here.

Step 1: Make sure you have a 1Password MoFo account
  • Please notify Kristina S once you’ve signed up and request to be added to the Engagement Team so that you can access the MoFo Vimeo account.
  • Ensure you have the 1Password browser extension installed:
Step 2. Upload your desired video and adjust privacy settings

If this video should not show up on Mozilla Foundation’s Vimeo profile publicly please set its privacy settings to “Hide from Vimeo”

Screenshot of adjust privacy settings to vimeo video upload
Step 3: Find and copy a video link

After uploading your video and setting the proper privacy setting, go to "Advanced" > "Distribution" > and "Video File Links". Copy your selected link.

Screenshot of where to select 'Advanced' from Vimeo user interface
Screenshot of where to find 'Distribution' and then 'Video File Links' in Vimeo user interface
Step 4: Paste video link into CMS

Paste your selected video link into the Hero Header video link field and select your ‘Displayed hero content’ to be ‘Video’.

Screenshot of where to enter the video link from Vimeo into the Wagtail CMS
Step 5. Save and publish

Your video background should now be ready!


If you can’t get 1password set up, join the slack channel #mofo-wagtail & mention @channel for help. A Vimeo admin, or someone who has 1password set up, should be able to upload your video for you.