How Do I Wagtail?

How Do I Wagtail?

Page Types

Ready to jump into wagtail but don’t know where to start? First, pick a page type! Page types are templates built with specific purposes in mind. Currently we have six page types you can choose from:

Article: Use for long form content. Note: Multiple Article pages are often grouped together using the Publication page as a table of contents.

Publication: A table of contents page that gives an overview of multiple Article pages.

Banner: Use if you want to feature a hero image, a petition snippet and/or a sign up snippet.

Blog: Use for short form and/or timely content.

Campaign: Use if you only want to feature a petition snippet with no hero image or sign up snippet.

Default: Our simplest page type. If your content is not an Article/Publication, a blog post, or a campaign, this is probably the right page type for you.


Article page types are ideal for long-form content publishing (for short-form please use Blog or Default pages). If there was content you’d previously used a .pdf or .doc for sharing, you can now use our template for improved accessibility. Article pages contain a title, author, content and footnotes. You are able to add various copy and image formats and simple callouts and tables with the streamfield blocks. Particularly long content can be broken up into multiple Articles and grouped together using a Publication page.

Learn more about Article Page Types on our Publications page.

Live projects using an Article page on it’s own

Live projects with multiple Article pages using a Publication “home page”:

Image of Article page type


Publication page types are landing pages that help structure your content. They can include titles, subtitles, dates, authors and a table of contents. You are able to add additional publisher notes after the table of contents. If you have a .pdf version you want downloadable you can upload it here too. Publication pages may have either Publication pages or Article pages as child pages and these will show up in the table of contents.

Learn how to use the Publication Page Type.

Live projects using this page type:

Image of Publication page type


The Banner page type allows you to create a “home base” for your content featuring a hero image, child pages, calls to action and petition and sign up snippets.

Live projects using this page type:

Image of Banner page type


The Blog page type is good for short form content that may be more informal or conversational in style though not limited to that.

Live projects using this page type:

Image of blog pagetype
Special feature: This page type has social buttons that persist with the user as they read


Like a sibling to the Banner page type, the main difference between the two is that the Campaign page type does not feature a hero image and only offers a petition snippet.

Live projects using this page type:

Image of Campaign page type


As its name suggests, the Default page type may be the one to use if your content is not an Article/Publication, a Blog post, or a Campaign. This is also the only page type that features a left side menu if you think that would be helpful for your content.

Live projects using this page type:

Image of Default page type