How Do I Wagtail?

How Do I Wagtail?

General Editing

Last Updated: July 19, 2023

Managing Pages

From the page directory view, hover over the page to reveal More page options and this will vary if it is a page or a child page. You can change the order of pages by selecting the icon left of Title and drag/drop to reorder and this will reflect on automatically generated menus.

  • Saving Drafts
    • Pages will not be live and can't be publicly viewed
    • It's good practice to save often!
    • View draft
  • Publishing
    • Pages are live
    • View live
  • Unpublishing
    • Pages revert to drafts (not live & URL becomes a 404 error)
  • Submitting for Moderation
    • This feature is to be set up and investigated!
  • Delete
    • Permanently deletes pages
  • Move
    • Relocate the page
    • URL will automatically redirect to new location
  • Copy
    • Duplicate the page
  • Revisions
    • Preview, Review or Compare past revisions
      • You can Replace current draft or Publish this revision
      • You can Compare with previous revisions to see changed fields

Private & Public Pages

Pages in the CMS can be private (only accessible to logged in users), password protected, or public. Often someone will start new pages and make them private for you to work on, so here's how to make them public again.

  1. Open your primary page in the web admin
  2. Click on the "i" icon that's labelled "Status" on the upper right hand side
  3. Click on the "Change privacy" button
  4. Select your level of privacy and save it
  5. Save the page
  6. View your page in a private window or different browser that isn't logged in to the CMS. Confirm that all your pages appear (or don't appear) in the sub nav and can (can't) be viewed as expected.

We recommend doing this 24 hours or more before you plan to publicize links. This will help ensure that search engines don't have out of date cached information. Your pages won't become automatically discoverable on the site, so they won't go truly public until you share.

For Scheduled publishing, a page will go live on set date/time and when it expires it goes unpublished. You can set a publishing schedule in the Status tab as well.

UI of Status Tab

Settings Tab

You Settings tab might look different depending on the page type but you'll be able to do things like change the publishing date of the page or adjust the width of the content.

UI of Settings Tab

Promote Tab

You only need to go to this tab to change Show in Menus for the page to appear in automatically generated menus! You can ignore the Slug, Page title & Search description.