How Do I Wagtail?

How Do I Wagtail?

Projects from Pulse

Pulse enables staff, fellows, and our network to discover and collaborate on projects for a healthy internet. It captures and broadcasts a stream of projects with rich metadata. This data allows us to view things by issue area, tag, creator, or the type of help needed from collaborators.

You can pull projects from Pulse onto your page. The "Pulse Listing" component allows you to search by keywords and then filter by issue etc.

To add this tap the small gray plus button within your pages Body section. Then tap the "pulse listing" icon.

Below is info about the options and a live example.

The options

  • Search - Use any word or phrase. This will search titles, descriptions, and tags. Test your search on Pulse first.
  • Max results - set the number to appear on your page. This is limited so we don't overwhelm visitors. If you want to show more, link them to a search URL on Pulse. Pulse allows them to favorite things, view creators, and discover more.
  • Display featured - check this to limit your results to things marked as featured by our moderators on Pulse. Leave unchecked to show all results.
  • Sort - show the latest stuff by default
  • Issues - use this to limit your results to items with an issue
  • Help - use this to limit your results to projects that need a particular kind of help from collaborators

Here's how the admin looks...

pulse wagtail admin
Pulse Listing component

Live example

Below is an example of 6 results from the search "mozfest iot"