Mozilla Foundation Design

Mozilla Foundation Design


Our key web properties Mozilla Foundation, *Privacy Not Included, and Mozilla Festival are CMS editable. Staff can create and publish webpages on these sites without any design or engineering support.


Why use it? It's fast (no engineering time is required). You instantly get:

  • Secure login
  • Analytics
  • Newsletter signups
  • Localization
  • Strong SEO
  • On brand (styling, accessibility, etc)
  • Minimal QA required

See How Do I Wagtail to get started and learn more about what is available.

Ping #mofo-websites for help and ping design to review and give feedback on the pages in #mofo-design

Style Guide

All our web properties must adhere to our brand standards.

Custom Design

If you need more that what our CMS currently offers, then please let us know using this form.