Mozilla Foundation Design

Mozilla Foundation Design


Working Open + Collaboratively

Documentation and asset files will be made publicly accessible for adaptation of use or remix for the needs of Mozilla.

collaboration process

Understand and scope out asset requirements with stakeholders as they will describe asset need and provide content to the design agency. The agency will provide expertise and use brand guidelines to determine design required.

As part of an iterative design process, the design agency will brainstorm ideas or concepts for the assets and provide 1-3 drafts or proof-of-concepts for feedback.

Based on feedback received from stakeholder and design team, a design direction is clear to be pursued and the design is created by the design agency for a second round of feedback.

Based on second round of feedback from the design team, any revisions and refinements to the design is made to ensure it meets the asset definition and brand standards. Design review for final design approval (R+/R-).

The refined final design is produced. The design files are prepared for print (prepress and export) or digital (optimized and export). The design agency takes it to print production or delivers to stakeholders for digital implementation. File names include “Mozilla-Foundation” prefix, name of asset and any colour/dimension/version details appended as suffix. (i.g. Mozilla-Foundation_Name-Tag_v6.pdf)

Store native design file and corresponding assets, libraries and exports in design assets Google Drive folder for reference. Documentation is important for future reference and stored where it can be publicly accessible and/or remixable.