Mozilla Foundation Design

Mozilla Foundation Design

About the team

The Mozilla Foundation Design team encompasses a group of highly multidisciplinary makers. We love everything design — from research and UX to UI, colors, typography, and branding. We strive for our work to reflect an open source and inclusive ethos that promotes an open and honest relationship with the world around us.

As stewards of the Foundation's digital presence, we partner with and support staff across the Foundation in leveraging our web platforms to advance their team objectives and goals. We help create compelling, accessible, and relevant digital experiences that help grow our audience, deepen engagement, build the strength and power of our movement, and advance our organizational objectives. We measure our success using data and insights.

We spend a lot of our energy building upon and maintaining the Mozilla Foundation website. We’ve been hard at work the past years unifying all of the foundation's work onto a single website, designing new CMS page types and blocks, and creating a robust design system. We own the UX/UI for all the foundations web properties which means we care deeply about how our brand shows up and how our supporters experience our sites. The list of properties includes: Mozilla Foundation, *Privacy Not Included, Mozilla Festival, and the overall user experience of our CMS.

See an overview of past work in our yearly recap decks.

Our values

Collaboration: We build strong partnerships. We foster trust and relationships through openness and transparency.

Problem solving: We fall in love with the problem, not the solution. We ask questions and do our research to understand the problem we are solving and why it’s important.

Growth minded: We are open minded & curious, flexible & adapt, always learning & iterating.

User focused: We do our best to understand and meet the needs of the staff we partner with and the audience we serve. We are empathetic and advocate for the voices who are not in the room.

Strategic & Grounded: We are creative, innovative, and optimistic while balancing the org needs, staff needs, and audience needs.

Meet the Mozilla Foundation Designers

Kristina Shu

Design Manager

Sabrina Ng

Sr UX/UI Designer

Rebecca Lam

UX/UI Designer

Nancy Tran

UX/UI Designer @ the Mozilla Foundation

Shannon Zepeda

Marketing & Communications Visual Designer

Tess Heinricks

UX/UI Designer

Blog posts from the team

How we prioritize work, plan and execute UX/UI work

  • Yearly
    • How closely projects align with our org visions & mission, the Tech Platforms Team's goals, and org ORKs/STOs.
    • At the end of the previous year, Kristina works leadership on 2024 | Design Planning
  • Quarterly
    • Collaborative exercise in Miro with the Web Platform team
    • Based on the Miro exercise, Kristina roughly plans work for the year 2024 | Design Roadmap
  • Each Sprint
  • We use agile principles to help us prioritize, organize and execute our projects in two-week sprints. Whether it’s work we set for ourselves or external requests. Kristina runs Design Backlog Grooming & Sprint Planning while our PM runs daily Huddles, Demos, and Retro.

Process for Larger New Projects

  • Projects are flagged at the end of previous year and put on the design roadmap
  • Projects follow the Design Team UX/UI Process
  • Once a project has launched it then turns into an “Ongoing Project”

Process for Ongoing Projects

  • Lead designer on the project is responsible for
    • Quarterly analytics share out
    • Regular check-ins with key stakeholder and share outs
    • Prioritizing work
  • Design manager is responsible for
    • Gathering/compiling all share outs to share more broadly
    • Prioritizing work against all other projects
    • Guidance and clarifying next steps

Smaller and unplanned requests can be requested through and will be supported as much as capacity allows.

Measuring our Impact

  • We check-in and report out on how projects contribute to the Enduring Metrics
    • As a team at the end of each sprint
    • With key stakeholders throughout a project