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Oct. 4, 2021

Written by Ayana Byrd & Kenrya Rankin

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Please note that the Open News Fellowship program is missing funding data.

This section examines the impact of the Fellowship and Awards program on the tech landscape and civil society at large. It seeks to illuminate the evolution of the work and its relationship to the internet health movement and the people who devote their expertise and sweat equity to moving it forward. It will do that via 1) an analysis of the ever-evolving funding strategies at play and how they advance the Mozilla Foundation’s overall Theory of Change, 2) a look at the specific ways F&A has impacted individuals, organizations and entire movements, and 3) a discussion of how the program can maximize its impact on the field.

Table of Contents

The Evolution of the F&A Funding Strategy

This section explores how the Foundation's strategy has changed over time as its added more programs and increased its investment in F&A.

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Investment Impact Evaluation

This section examines the Foundation's financial investments in the F&A programs and how those investments influenced their impact.

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External Impact of F&A

This section explores how the F&A program has influenced individuals and the ecosystem.

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