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Insights + Findings

Oct. 4, 2021
Simply Secure

Written by Simply Secure

This section details the insights, findings, and opportunities that came out of the evaluation process. Relying heavily on our 47 anonymous interviews with program alumni, F&A staff, Mozilla Corporation staff, funders, and ecosystem stakeholders – and bolstered by survey results – this analysis provides a deep dive into the feedback we heard throughout our research. The following insights and findings are grouped by key themes that help to organize and contextualize the data.

Key insights summarize a thematic collection of feedback we heard through our interviews and surveys. This section also includes direct quotes from those interviewed and presents "opportunities" – suggested intervention points identified by Simply Secure through our primary research. They are future-looking, possible responses to the feedback we collected from interviewees and survey respondents. Some opportunities echo and expand upon the ideas posited by staff, participants, and stakeholders. Many of the points below are currently being addressed by Mozilla; the Management Response at the end of this evaluation provides more information on changes already underway.

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External Perceptions of Mozilla

This section highlights the broader perceptions of the F&A program and the Mozilla Foundation’s role in the technology and civil society space.

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This section unpacks the various impacts of the F&A program and the ways in which that impact is accounted for, measured, and recognized.

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Internal Mozilla Structures and Strategy

This section explores the role that the Foundation’s strategy, and the ways in which it was and was not articulated, played in the perception and success of the F&A program.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Global Operations

This section focuses on the Foundation’s approach to DEI, global participants’ experiences with F&A global programming, and the operational aspects that influenced that experience.

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Participant Experience

This section highlights the experiences of program participants and alumni with various F&A program streams over the evaluation period.

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Program Structure

This section explores participants’ experiences with the structure of the F&A programs – the schedule, length, cohort, etc.

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Program Support

This section highlights how program participants experienced the support structures of the F&A program.

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Host Organizations

This section looks at the successes and challenges of the hosted fellowship model, in which Mozilla Fellows are placed at “host organizations” in the civil society sector during their funding period.

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Alumni Network and Community Building

This section examines the benefits and challenges of a Mozilla F&A alumni network.

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