Evaluation Roadmap

Oct. 4, 2021
Simply Secure

Written by Simply Secure and Ayana Byrd & Kenrya Rankin

This evaluation is the result of nearly a year of reflection and collaboration. The bulk of the report that follows was produced by Simply Secure through extensive research, interviews and analysis. In the summer of 2021, Mozilla commissioned two consultants, Kenrya Rankin and Ayana Byrd, to build on the work of Simply Secure to provide a more detailed impact narrative. We are grateful for the work and time that both have put into creating this valuable resource for the F&A team. We are also grateful for the trust and partnership of the Ford Foundation, whose generous core support grant made this evaluation possible.

Below is a guide to reading this evaluation, with an indication of the author of each section:

  1. This evaluation starts with the origin story of the Fellowships & Awards program, written by Kenrya Rankin and Ayana Byrd.
  2. The impact narrative explores the influence of the F&A program on the tech landscape and civil society and how it ladders up to Mozilla’s overall Theory of Change, also prepared by Kenrya Rankin and Ayana Byrd.
  3. The evaluation process section highlights Simply Secure’s approach and methodology for the report, including guiding questions and limitations.
  4. The insights and findings section provides Simply Secure’s takeaways, testimonials and quotes from interviewees and survey respondents that cover impact, internal operations and program design and structure.
  5. The key opportunities section presents Simply Secure’s recommendations for the future of the F&A program that were illuminated through the synthesis and analysis of the program during the evaluation period, as well as insights from Kenrya Rankin and Ayana Byrd’s impact narrative on how to maximize impact.
  6. The management response section provides a Q&A with Hanan Elmasu, Director of the F&A program and J. Bob Alotta, VP Global Programs, illuminating what’s next for F&A, changes already in play, and how Mozilla plans to grow from this evaluative process.
  7. And finally, the appendices provide supporting evaluation tools and data.