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Senior Fellows

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Abeba Birhane

Senior Fellow, Trustworthy AI | 2022-2023 | Ireland

Fellowship Project Focus: Exploring how vulnerable groups might be misrepresented in the datasets of AI models.

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Amber Sinha

Senior Fellow, Trustworthy AI | 2022 - 2024 | India

Fellowship Project Focus : Increasing awareness about post facto adequation as a regulatory tool for transparency.

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Apryl Williams

Senior Fellow, Trustworthy AI | 2022- 2024 | United States

Fellowship Project Focus: Advocating for an increase in equity, harm reduction, transparency, and accountability around marginalized identities in machine learning technologies, such as dating apps.

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Bogdana 'Bobi' Rakova

Senior Fellow, Trustworthy AI | 2022-2024 | United States

Fellowship Project Focus: Improving AI transparency through an open-source tool that enables consent and contestability in conflict resolution.

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Brandi Geurkink

Senior Fellow, Tech Policy | 2022-2024 | Germany

Fellowship Project Focus: Developing a policy framework titled “The Lifecycle of Community-Led Governance of AI Systems.”

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Jasmine McNealy

Senior Fellow, Tech Policy | 2023-2024) | United States

Fellowship Project Focus: Investigating how AI impacts rural and rural-adjacent communities in the U.S., and then developing an AI policy framework from a rural perspective.

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Julia Keserű

Senior Fellow, Tech Policy | 2023-2025) | Hungary

Fellowship Project Focus: Identifying concrete areas where bodily integrity can be more systematically integrated into tech industry regulation, especially with regard to AI.

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Kristophina Shilongo

Senior Fellow, Tech Policy | 2023- 2024 | Namibia

Fellowship Project Focus: Recommending participatory governance models to African states for the formulation, adoption and/or evaluation of AI policies and legislation.

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Lori Regattieri

Senior Fellow, Trustworthy AI | 2023 - 2024 | Brazil

Fellowship Project Focus: Using digital infrastructures to organize knowledge and place the social-environmental-climate justice movements at the center of AI practices and policy.

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Lucy Purdon

Senior Fellow, Tech Policy | 2023 - 2024 | United Kingdom

Fellowship Project Focus: Driving legal and policy reforms related to the online advertising industry. And researching the impact of targeted advertising on women in the commercial and political context.

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Neema Iyer

Senior Fellow, Trustworthy AI | 2022 | Germany

Fellowship Project Focus: Examining accountability and redress mechanisms on social media platforms for online gender-based violence against women in Africa.

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Tarcizio Silva

Senior Fellow, Tech Policy | 2023 - 2025 | Brazil

Fellowship Project Focus: Informing AI policy and regulations in Brazil, with particular attention to how automated systems replicate existing discriminatory practices against Black populations.

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Previous Senior Fellows include:

Deborah Raji

Deborah Raji is a computer scientist keeping AI systems accountable.  Her fellowship served as a platform to explore the frameworks and tools needed to increase AI accountability and reduce harms, including work on the Algorithmic Justice League’s bug bounty project. Deb is also the Primary Investigator on the Mozilla Open Source Audit Tooling (OAT) Project. She continues to publish seminal research into gender and racial bias in AI systems that Big Tech can’t ignore.

Renee DiResta

Renée DiResta revolutionized our understanding of how conspiracy theories spread on social media.  Her fellowship focused on media, misinformation and trust, helping to illuminate that free speech is not the same as free reach. Her work has been instrumental in alerting congressional leaders to the threats and mechanisms of online peer-to-peer misinformation. Renée is currently the Research Manager at Stanford Internet Observatory and helps lead the Election Integrity Partnership.

Guillaume Chaslot

Guillaume Chaslot is a software engineer raising awareness about the impact of algorithms. Guillaume helped to build YouTube’s recommendation algorithm, but has since been working to expose the impacts of these algorithms. His fellowship focused on exploring the impact on society and helping others understand when algorithms are working for them, and which are working against them. Guillaume is currently a Senior Scientific Expert in AI and Data Science at PERen.

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