Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains information on some frequently asked questions about Senior Fellows at Mozilla.

Fellowship Experience

What is the time commitment of a Mozilla fellowship?

A fellowship may be proposed for a duration of 1- 2 years. Part-time and full-time fellowship commitments are invited, especially where a part-time arrangement gives you an opportunity to serve without stepping away from current ongoing professional or personal commitments. Part-time could be 50% time or 75% time (based on full-time equivalent of 40 hours/week).

There is space in the application for a Senior Fellow role to suggest a timeline and level of engagement that makes sense for you.

Are Fellows required to step away from other obligations?

Part-time and full-time fellowship commitments are invited, especially where a part-time arrangement gives you an opportunity to serve without stepping away from current ongoing professional or personal commitments. We’re not necessarily asking you to step away from other work you’re doing, but affiliating with us in ways that are mutually meaningful.

Are there Participation Guidelines?

Our Fellowships and Awards programs respect Mozilla's community participation guidelines. To help us create a safe and positive community experience for all, we require all those who participate to agree and adhere to these Participation Guidelines.


What are the eligibility requirements for a Mozilla fellowship?

Applicants should be domain experts in the area in which they are applying. Fellows should also have a track record of success in the space of their proposed project, and a dedication to continuing to work in that space after their fellowship.

Do I need to have a university or post-graduate degree?

There is no educational or experience prerequisite required for a Mozilla Fellowship, and applications will not be declined on the basis of educational completion.

Does the fellowship require special work authorization/ residency?

In general, Mozilla Fellows are required to have work authorization in the location where they will be carrying out their fellowship. Mozilla Foundation is unable to offer visa sponsorship.

Application + Selection Process

How frequently does Mozilla publish calls for applications?

The Mozilla Foundation accepts fellowship applications through periodic recruitment for specific fellowships.

How many Fellows will there be?

We determine the size of a cohort based on a combination of applicant characteristics, our capacity to support fellows, and Mozilla’s needs.

Compensation, Benefits, and Accommodations

Do Senior Fellows receive a stipend?

Senior Fellows are engaged on a fixed-term employment agreement based on a mutually agreed timeline. Senior Fellows receive an annual stipend of USD 100,000 (full-time equivalent) converted to, and paid in, local currency as an annual salary. Compensation is adjusted for part-time fellowships. Fellowship compensation falls outside of Mozilla’s staff compensation program and is considered a contribution for the benefit of an individual to aid in the pursuit of that individual’s own study or research, and may be higher or lower than a local market. 

What benefits are Senior Fellows provided?

Senior Fellows are eligible to receive Mozilla employee benefits such as private medical insurance, access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), professional development, wellness budget, and paid time off (PTO).  Benefits are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Mozilla Foundation, and are pro-rated for fellows with a part-time status.

What are the tax considerations of participating in this fellowship?

Proposed fellowship amounts are gross amounts and may be reduced by applicable taxes. Fellows are responsible to pay all applicable taxes, whether in their home jurisdictions, the jurisdiction where the fellowship occurs, or any other jurisdiction. In some cases, Mozilla may be required to withhold taxes at the time of payment, and reduce the amount of fellows’ payments accordingly. It is the fellows’ responsibility to communicate in advance with Mozilla about where they will be located throughout the fellowship.

How does the Fellowship accommodate applicants and Fellows with disabilities?

To ensure that individuals with disabilities can fully participate in our program, we provide reasonable accommodations for the application process and in the Fellowship. Please contact us with an questions about accommodations at [email protected].

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