Meet the team

Amy Schapiro Raikar

San Francisco, California

Senior Program Officer at Mozilla, cultivating community - driven solutions to mitigate global threats to internet health.

Leadership Program Coordinator @ Mozilla Foundation, running digital operations for the program.

Hanan Elmasu

London, UK

Director, Fellowships & Awards

Mehan Jayasuriya

Portland, Oregon, USA

Mehan is a Program Officer at the Mozilla Foundation who leads programs that grow the open source and community network ecosystems.

Michelle Thorne is a Senior Program Officer at Mozilla. She leads OpenDoTT, a doctoral research program for the internet of things.

Janice Wait

Kansas City, Kansas, USA

Program Officer @ Mozilla working to ensure the future of the web is not built on the backs of individuals' security and privacy.

Jenn Beard

Kansas City, MO, USA

Program Officer working to integrate ethics into undergraduate CS education, explore AI through art, and support biomedical research+AI.

Roselyn Odoyo

Nairobi, Kenya

Senior Program Officer, Tech + Society Fellowship

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