Mozilla Alumni

Mozilla alumni are a vibrant community of past fellows and awardees from around the world. They are individuals working on a wide range of important topics across many intersecting movements linked by one common thread — a vision for a world where technology serves the public interest.

More about alumni and their work can be found in this directory.

Building an alumni program

The Mozilla alumni program is the next chapter of the global network of incredible awardees and fellows whose work has focused on advancing a more human-centered internet. The program supports alumni connections to each other, to Mozilla, to resources, and to opportunities. It is also a commitment from Mozilla to build with and for alumni, informed by feedback and rooted in collaboration. This work is ongoing and in development.

Alumni Connection Grants

Mozilla seeks to explore how alumni can nurture relationships with each other, connect as a network, explore collaboration and share their impactful work with the world.

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Alumni Wiki

This is where information and updates will be shared about Mozilla’s alumni program. In the spirit of working open, it will be regularly updated as vision evolves, the program takes shape, and lessons are learnt.

Alumni Wiki
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Get to know some of our alumni

Meet Mozilla's Tech & Society Fellows

Mozilla's Tech & Society Fellows work at the intersection of technology and social justice, building and advocating for a healthier internet. In the course of their work, Fellows collaborate with host organizations in their home countries, adding sorely-needed tech savvy to the civil society sector.

Meet Mozilla Technology Fund awardees

The Mozilla Technology Fund (MTF) supports open source technologists whose work furthers promising approaches to solving pressing internet health issues.

Renée DiResta, Mozilla Fellow on Misinformation Answers Your Questions

Renée DiResta, Wired Writer and Mozilla Fellow on Misinformation offered to answer your questions about the misinformation problem in the world. Here are your questions and her answers.


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