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OpenDoTT fellow, free/open advocate, and researcher focusing on smart cities. Lead on a number of community initiatives dedicated to critical thinking and making at the crossroadsf culture, science, + technology

Nadz Moawad


Mozilla Fellow working with artists and cultural producers in the Arab world to explore questions of expression, labor, and the public domain in today's privatized network.

Alex Argüelles

Mexico City, Mexico

Mozilla Fellow, Alex researches sociopolitical violence while promoting technological sovereignty amongst human rights defenders in Mexico.



Mozilla Tech + Society Fellow interested in the use of technologies for the protection of Human Rights Defenders.

Amber Case

Portland, Oregon, USA

Exploring how the future of money can generate new business models for creator compensation. Author of Calm Technology.

Anouk Ruhaak

London, UK

Rethinking the economics & governance of data. Senior Fellow Mozilla Foundation. MozFest Wrangler 2019.

Brian Obilo

Nairobi, Kenya

Mozilla Fellow working towards advancing Cyber Security Capacity Building and promoting Cyber Awareness and Resilience approaches.

Britone Mwasaru

Mombasa, Kenya

Britone Mwasaru is a technologist and community builder. He will be working on voice technology with a focus on the Kiswahili language.

Camille Francois

San Francisco, CA USA

Mozilla Fellow, working on online targeted threats and disinformation campaigns, exposing their impact on society and vulnerable users globally, and also trying to yield better detection and mitigation techniques

Cayla R Key

Dundee, UK

PhD candidate at The University of Dundee researching connected homes for the OpenDoTT project.

Chenai Chair

Zimbabwe/South Africa

Africa Innovation Mradi Consultant. Focus on policy developments enhancing digital rights with AI uptake in Africa.

Jens Alexander Ewald

Dundee, Scotland

OpenDOTT fellow focusing on wearables and the self. Exploring poetic interaction and resonance as a way to make IoT healthy and sustainable.

Mozilla Fellow. Deputy Exec. Director of Legal Agenda. Working on promoting inclusive and trustworthy online spaces for policy deliberation.

Julia Reinhardt

San Francisco, California

Mozilla Fellow, tech policy consultant, privacy professional and former German diplomat.

Julie Ricard

Mexico City, Mexico

Mozilla Fellow. Researcher & development-practitioner, currently developing a social-network-learning space leveraging books & movies for critical thinking.

Kathleen Siminyu

Kilifi, Kenya

Kathleen Siminyu is an AI Researcher focused on Natural Language Processing, building speech tools for Luhya languages and now Kiswahili.

Kathy Pham

Boston, Massachusettes

Mozilla Fellow. CS Responsible. Former founding engineering and product member of the United States Digital Service. Focused on ethics and responsible computer science, engineering culture, and academic curricula

Matt Mankins

London, UK

Mozilla Fellow working on advancing open monetization strategies for the web, fostering technologies to capture value without the involvement of closed platforms. Previously publisher at Condé Nast.

Namrata Primlani

Dundee, Scotland

Namrata attempts to investigate the design features of trust in the Internet of Things leading to 'A Trustmark for the IoT'.

Odanga Madung

Nairobi, Kenya

Mozilla Fellow. Cofounder of Odipo Dev & a data journalist with bylines at Buzzfeed News and Daily Nation.

rebecca ryakitimbo


Rebecca is a techie,writer and researcher.She will be working towards building an open voice dataset in Kiswahili to promote voice tech.

Reem is a journalist and researcher focusing on the intersection of internet infrastructure, politics and knowledge production.

Remy Muhire

Kigali, Rwanda

Remy Muhire will be working on voice-enabled technology in order to address the exclusion of people from digital service in Africa.

Richard Whitt

Mountain View. CA USA

Mozilla Fellow, developing a “openness by design” project. Through research, authorship, and convenings, he seeks to broaden our understanding of openness across the different tech modalities.

Sarah Kiden

Dundee, United Kingdom (and Kampala, Uganda)

MozFest Wrangler 2021 and Marie Curie Research Fellow, Northumbria University and Mozilla. Safari drives and nature walks give me life.

Shemeer Padincharedil

Bangalore, India

Mozilla Fellow. Empower organisations & changemakers to become confident & effortless with technology for social good.

Steve Song

Nova Scotia, Canada

Mozilla Fellow in Residence. Founder of Village Telco. Expert in telecommunications policy in developing countries. Identifying regulatory and policy barriers around connecting the unconnected.

Tarcízio Silva

São Paulo, Brazil

Mozilla Fellow researching how civil society organizations respond to digital safety needs and algorithmic harms to minorities in Brazil.

Umang Bhatt

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Mozilla Fellow. PhD Candidate at the University of Cambridge. Developing algorithms to create more trustworthy and transparent AI systems

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The Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund provided grant funding in select U.S. communities from 2014-2017 to support pilot tests of gigabit technologies (virtual reality, 4K video, artificial intelligence) and their related curricula. In so doing, our goal was to increase participation in technology innovation in support of a healthy Internet where all people are empowered, safe, and independent online.

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