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Joycelyn Streator

Texas, USA

Joycelyn is an educator and researcher. Her teaching and research have centered on experience design and the cultural determinants and impacts of emerging technologies.

Crystal Lee is a PhD candidate at MIT and a Senior Fellow in Responsible Computer Science at Mozilla.

Brandi Geurkink is a veteran campaigner who wrestles with some of society's thorniest problems — and then maps a pathway to systemic solutions.

Abeba Birhane

Dublin, Ireland

Abeba Birhane is a cognitive scientist researching human behaviour, social systems, and responsible and ethical Artificial Intelligence.

Amber Sinha

Delhi NCR, India

Amber is a Senior Fellow for Trustworthy AI at Mozilla, where he will be working on regulatory models for algorithmic transparency.

Apryl Williams

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Apryl Williams is a Senior Fellow in Trustworthy AI with Mozilla and Assistant Professor in Digital Studies at the University of Michigan.

Bogdana (Bobi) Rakova

San Fracisco, CA, USA

Builder, researcher, and systems thinker empowering meaningful change through transparency building blocks for real-wold AI systems.

Lori Regattieri

Brasília, Brasil

Lori is a social-environmental-climate justice tech and movement builder. Senior Fellow in Trustworthy AI, Mozilla Foundation.

Neema Iyer

Frankfurt, Germany

Neema Iyer is an artist and a technologist.

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Mozilla Awards Directory

Since 2006, Mozilla has awarded more than $10.5 million to more than 300 organizations and individuals across 26 countries. The projects listed in the Awards Directory represent only a fraction of the projects supported across Mozilla’s long history as a grantmaker. For additional information about past awards, please contact [email protected].

Click here to see all listed projects or scroll to see examples from each Mozilla Awards track:

Creative Media Awards

The Creative Media Awards are Mozilla-funded digital art projects. We fund these innovative projects to help people make sense of the challenges technology brings us face-to-face each day.


The Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) program funds technologies in the open-source and free software movement that align with Mozilla’s mission and advance internet health.


Check out the winning projects from our Wireless Innovation for a Networked Society (NSF-WINS) Challenges — an audacious competition to connect millions of unconnected Americans after disasters or in communities lacking reliable internet access.

What is the Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund?

The Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund provided grant funding in select U.S. communities from 2014-2017 to support pilot tests of gigabit technologies (virtual reality, 4K video, artificial intelligence) and their related curricula. In so doing, our goal was to increase participation in technology innovation in support of a healthy Internet where all people are empowered, safe, and independent online.

Gigabit Project Portfolio

Learn more about projects that are transforming education through gigabit technology.