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  • Global-Elections

    Mozilla’s Elections Casebook

    Feb. 27, 2024
    Odanga Madung, Becca Ricks, Open Source Research & Investigations
    Elections / Platform accountability

    Mozilla's Elections Casebook scrutinizes what steps platforms have taken to protect election integrity globally. Case studies explore the impact of platform policies and interventions.

  • YouTube User Control Study OG

    Does This Button Work? Investigating YouTube's ineffective user controls

    Sept. 20, 2022
    Mozilla Advocacy, Jesse McCrosky, Becca Ricks
    Platform accountability / AI fairness, accountability, and transparency / Tech policy & regulation

    Powered by 22,722 volunteers, Mozilla scrutinized YouTube to determine how much control people actually have over the platform’s recommendation algorithm. This is what we learned.

  • AI

    Trustworthy AI White Paper

    Dec. 15, 2020
    Mark Surman, Becca Ricks
    AI fairness, accountability, and transparency

    A Mozilla white paper on challenges and opportunities in the AI era.

  • Social_Media_Share_graphic.jpg

    Paid Programming: Investigating streaming ads during the election season

    July 1, 2020
    Becca Ricks
    AI fairness, accountability, and transparency / Ads transparency / Elections

    Video streaming platforms have become prime targets for political advertising campaigns in the 2020 U.S. elections, posing a huge challenge to election watchdogs. How are six popular streaming platforms handling political ads?