Who we are

The Mozilla Foundation works to ensure the internet remains a public resource that is open and accessible to us all.

Internet Health

A healthy internet is one in which privacy, openness and inclusion are the norms. These are values Mozilla has championed from the beginning in our Mozilla Manifesto.

Mozilla believes that we all have a stake in understanding and protecting the health of the internet. For this reason, the Mozilla Foundation is primarily focused on fueling an emerging movement of internet users, technologists, researchers and activists who are standing and fighting for a healthy internet for generations to come.

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Read more about our movement building strategy here.

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Trustworthy AI

A majority of Mozilla’s movement building work is focused on developing trustworthy AI.

Mozilla has ideas for how to work towards AI that enriches the lives of human beings, rather than harms them. We call it ‘trustworthy AI’ and this framing guides a large part of our work.

Since 2019, a number of us at Mozilla — along with literally hundreds of partners and collaborators — have been exploring the questions: What do we really mean by ‘trustworthy AI’? And, what do we want to do about it?

If we want a healthy internet — and a healthy digital society — we need to make sure AI is trustworthy. AI, and the large pools of data that fuel it, are central to how computing works today. If we want apps, social networks, our devices and government to serve us as people — and as citizens — we need to make sure the way we build with AI has things like privacy and fairness built in from the get go.

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Read more about our AI theory of change here.