We've designed the Data Futures Lab as a space where Mozilla, grantees and fellows can learn from each other. Here are some of the ways we are sharing what we learn:


Lab Research

The Lab works closely with the Insights Team at Mozilla. Through this partnership, the Lab produces research that informs the strategy of the Lab and contributes to the knowledge base of the data stewardship field.
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Lab Updates & Reflections

As the Lab supports projects and facilitates cross-network collaboration and engagement, we will share what we learn along the way in real-time.
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The Data Futures Lab will invest in promising approaches to data stewardship using a variety of instruments. These are our current grantmaking funds:


Prototype Fund

The Prototype Fund is a grantmaking and lab learning environment for the collaborative and experimental development of new projects that have the potential to shift power in and around systems of data. We hope to provide an incubator-like environment for projects which are testing new approaches to data stewardship.
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Infrastructure Fund

The Infrastructure Fund is a grantmaking and lab learning environment for projects that can change the technical and legal fabric of data landscapes to enable more sustainable data stewardship innovation. We hope to seed the field with 'building blocks' that can be used to implement new models for data stewardship in real products and services.
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Lab Governance

The Data Futures Lab is being designed and run as a collaboration between Mozilla and Luminate, fellows and external partners. Here are the people who are currently helping to shape the Lab:


Lab Fellows

Mozilla Fellows whose work and thinking will help guide the larger work of the Data Futures Lab.
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Mozilla staff who currently serve as the Lab's stewards.
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Steering Committee

In 2021, we will recruit and seat a steering committee that will help guide the future of the Lab.
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