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Analyzing and documenting internet health and trustworthy AI to help shape a human-centered internet.

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  • Global-Elections

    Mozilla’s Elections Casebook

    Feb. 27, 2024
    Odanga Madung, Becca Ricks, Open Source Research & Investigations

    Mozilla's Elections Casebook scrutinizes what steps platforms have taken to protect election integrity globally. Case studies explore the impact of platform policies and interventions.

  • In transparency we trust Thumbnail

    In Transparency We Trust?

    Feb. 26, 2024
    Ramak Molavi Vasse'i, Gabriel Udoh

    Evaluating the Effectiveness of Watermarking and Labeling AI-Generated Content

  • TAI-cover

    Accelerating Progress Toward Trustworthy AI

    Feb. 22, 2024
    Mark Surman, Lindsey Dodson, Ayah Bdeir, Alexis-Brianna Felix, Nik Marda

    Status update on our 2020 paper “Creating Trustworthy AI” and next steps to promote openness, competition, and accountability in AI

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