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Mozilla Foundation Design

Mozilla Festival

MozFest (Mozilla Festival) is a unique hybrid: part art, tech and society convening, part maker festival, and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world. There are themes within MozFest we call spaces which contain various sessions, activities, talks and community.

Strategic Position

This is an annual convening Mozilla hosts and this year it is virtual. The festival narrative is Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence and it unfolds over the span of two weeks, with interactive sessions, films, talks, round-tables, hack-a-thons, exhibits, and socials to dive into the topic.

Who is this for?

A broad audience from artists, activists, technologists, advocates, students, and journalists with a single mission: a better, healthier internet.

Existing Assets and Projects

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Visual Components, Expression & Inspirational Elements

For in situ examples, annual visual direction, MozFest interpretations of the brand, imagery moodboard and space icons refer to Style Guide 2021

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Mozilla Festival - Long Template

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Festival Palette

Included in Adobe CC Library:
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MozFest 2018
Two young participants, working together on a laptop at MozFest
Dialogues and Debates panel at MozFest 2018
A group of participants working in a tent as part of the Queering MozFest experience
Three people sit around a laptop during a session a MozFest
All the volunteers from MozFest 2018, standing on stage cheering.
A group of MozFest Wranglers, discussing ideas and using sticky notes to mind map on a board.
Mozilla Festival 2018 Digital Rights Conference.jpg
A photograph of the Governing AI panel on stage at MozFest 2019, with Xavier Harding charing the discussion.
MozFest 2019 Sponsorship and Book Promotion.jpg
Group of participants at MozFest colouring in decentralisation poster