A storefront window, photo taken from the outside looking in, with the words "Ethical Dilemma Cafe" outlined in black on the glass, with cars on the street outside
MozFest House in Manchester 2022

Say cheese! Visit us in Amsterdam at MozFest House 20-21 June for “free” drinks at the Ethical Dilemma Cafe. While no money will be exchanged, you will have to “pay” with a smile for the camera and posting your photo alongside a few things about you, for all to see.

At the Ethical Dilemma Cafe, you will have the opportunity to let your personal data take you on a journey through a space full of wonder and intrigue, where you will uncover the power of data and algorithms and how they shape your world…whether you’re aware of it or not. But nothing in this world is for free, the dilemma you face is your willingness to cross the threshold and be complicit in the interpretation of how your data defines you and your community, in perpetuity.

Want a second “free” drink? A third? Fourth? The more data you are willing to share, the more drinks you’ll receive.

We live in a digital world where anyone can take a photo of you and make it look like you were somewhere you have never visited. Your voice can be recorded for just a few seconds and be synthesized to become a phone call to your mom asking for the security code to your home because you “forgot your key.” The information you share on a dating app can be broadcast across the internet, readily available in settings to which you did not consent.

The Full Ethical Dilemma Cafe Experience at MozFest House

While enjoying your “free” drink, explore installations, deepen your knowledge while attending talks, and roll up your sleeves in workshops to take action.

Here is just a snapshot of what you will experience at the Ethical Dilemma Cafe:

  • Data Degrowth: cleaning a ‘home’ in our hands | This collaborative design-thinking workshop aims to find new methods and rituals to clean up the data storage on our smartphones. You’ll be invited to join a brainstorming session, followed by a ‘*data cleaning*’ exercise with file-storage tools and Floppy disks!
  • Dataslip: How far does your personal data go? | Experience this interactive installation where the abstract notion of your personal data is translated into a material and tangible representation in the form of a printed receipt. The receipt contains detailed information from public transportation cards, supermarket loyalty cards, credit and debit cards, wearable technology (smart watches and rings), and mobile apps (weather, navigation, web browser, email, instant messaging, music, social media, dating, and period tracking apps). Its length is proportional to the amount of data collected about us.
  • SDEPS.eu - Collaborating in the Digital Public Space | The EU has provided an ambitious policy framework for the future of data governance and EU centric digital life. At the same time strong voices are heard from civil society calling for a democratic and public digital space in Europe. Join this open discussion and knowledge exchange between policy makers, data space stakeholders, public digital space advocates, and visionaries about the future of data and the internet.

How is your data reflecting your identity in today’s digital world? Join us in Amsterdam to let your data take you on a journey, learn how your data defines you, and glean a perspective you might not have seen before.

Learn more about the history of the Ethical Dilemma Cafe in the “How To MozFest” digital book.

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