In Transparency We Trust?

Feb. 26, 2024
AI fairness, accountability, and transparency
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In this report, we explore the transformative impact and associated challenges of AI-generated content. We focus on the need for transparent disclosure mechanisms to address the problems of misinformation and trust erosion on digital platforms. We examine the growing presence of AI in content creation and the increasing difficulty of distinguishing AI-generated content from human-made material, and the harmful effects this can have. The report breaks down the different types of synthetic content and their spectrum. With the emergence of regulatory requirements around the world, including the US, EU and China, that AI-generated content must be clearly identified and labeled, a number of approaches are being tested in practice across many platforms and services. We explore the range of direct, human-facing, and indirect machine-readable disclosure methods. Using a "Fitness Check," we evaluate various techniques, including cryptographic watermarking and visual labeling, to assess their usefulness in managing the risks associated with non-disclosure of the nature of the content.