Accelerating Progress Toward Trustworthy AI

Feb. 22, 2024
AI fairness, accountability, and transparency / Meaningful AI Transparency


Mozilla’s work on AI is not new – we’ve been funding, building and advocating for trustworthy AI approaches for years. In 2020, we published a white paper that outlined our vision for trustworthy AI in a nascent moment for the technology. Since then, a lot has changed. Today, AI is increasingly powerful and pervasive in our society, and its promise and perils are becoming even more apparent. While there are a growing number of individuals and organizations working on making AI more trustworthy, the scope of the challenge is also continuing to grow. And while we’ve made progress on advancing guardrails for AI systems, the AI ecosystem has also become increasingly closed and concentrated.

Given the rapid changes in AI recently, we felt there was a need to take stock of the progress we’ve made so far and the work that is left to do. This new report provides an update on work to date in the four strategic areas we outlined in our 2020 paper, and it maps key initiatives happening in these areas – both at Mozilla and across the ecosystem. Importantly, the paper also emphasizes our evolving focus on the centrality of open source in the development of more trustworthy AI. We hope this report will be both a guidepost and map — helping readers to articulate their own strong message on trustworthy AI, build and invest in a better future for AI, and find opportunities to collaborate with others in the AI ecosystem. In turn, we believe our collective work can set us on a path to truly advance openness, competition, and accountability in AI.

We invite your input on the report and your feedback on the state of the AI ecosystem more broadly. Through your comments and a series of public events, we will take feedback from the AI community and use it to strengthen our understanding and vision for the future of trustworthy AI. Please email us at [email protected] to provide any input on the report and/or to highlight your favorite examples of AI being used in ways that build trust and improve people’s lives.


J. Bob Alotta, Ashley Boyd, Ian Carmichael, Moez Draief, Max Gahntz, Linda Griffin, Stephen Hood, Saoud Khalifah, Santiago Martorana, Mohamed Nanabhay, Alondra Nelson, Kasia Odrozek, Becca Ricks, Victor Storchan, Udbhav Tiwari, Imo Udom, Suba Vasudevan, and Claire Woodcock.