Meet the team

The Insights team is part of Mozilla's Global Programs unit.

Kasia Odrozek

Berlin, Germany

I'm the Interim Director of Mozilla's Insights team. I love cats and hammocks. I draw bad cartoons.

Solana Larsen

Berlin, Germany

I am the editor of Mozilla's Internet Health Report. Always asking questions. Often silly, often serious. 100% Danish-Puerto Rican.

Stefan Baack

Berlin, Germany

Research and data analyst for the Internet Health Report, and researcher studying activism and journalism.

Eeva Moore

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Engagement Manager for the Insights team. I love books, cheese, knitting, and my middle aged skater gang.

Jairus Khan

Toronto, Canada

Internet Health Outreach. Advocate. Hacker. Organizer. Noisemaker.


Our contributors span hundreds of people from around the world who share a common goal of building a healthier internet. Each brings their own expertise and perspective and helps guide our thinking to identify emerging stories and solutions.

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