Internet Health Report: Overview

The Internet Health Report combines research and stories in publications that explore what it means for the internet to be healthy. In collaboration with inspiring thinkers around the world, we identify research and solutions across five key issues: decentralization, privacy and security, openness, web literacy, and digital inclusion.

The 2020 Internet Health Report will be published in January 2021.

2019 Internet Health Report

Our 2019 compilation of research and stories explains what’s key to a healthier internet across five issues, from personal experience to global concerns.

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2019 edition: Executive summary

Is the internet unhealthy? We planted this question in your mind with the title of this report and in the questions we ask throughout. But you will not be getting a simple yes or no answer.

As you may have gathered, this publication is neither a country-level index nor a doomsday clock. We invite you to join us in assessing what it means for the internet to be healthy, and to participate in setting an agenda for how we can work together to create an internet that truly puts people first.

Our intention with this compilation of research, interviews and analysis (designed with input from hundreds of readers in collaboration with over 200 experts) is to show that while the worldwide consequences of getting things wrong with the internet could be huge – for peace and security, for political and individual freedoms, for human equality – the problems are never so great that nothing can be done. More people than you imagine are working to make the internet healthier, and getting things right, by applying their skills, creativity, and even personal bravery, to business, technology, activism, policy and regulation, education and community development.


The five issues of this report represent the range of things that matter to making the Internet healthier. They overlap and connect, as things do in our networked world.

camera with a fur texture on top

Privacy and security: is it safe?

3D illustration of a transluscent abstract shape

Openness: how open is it?

3D illustration of colorful people and animals

Digital inclusion: who is welcome?

3D illustration of a cellphone with a stair

Web literacy: who can succeed?

3D abstract colorful ball

Decentralization: who controls it?

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