Stronger NYC Communities

Stronger NYC Communities

Organizational Digital Security for Immigration Justice


This Guide was created by longtime activists, nonprofit and grassroots trainers, and progressive technologists. We know how movement organizations work. We designed these workshops to hold space and care for our communities, friends, and extended networks.

Imagine you’ve just helped organize an immigrants’ rights rally. You gathered thousands of names and email addresses from supporters of all kinds: first-generation immigrants, allies, undocumented people, clicktivist sideline watchers -- and everyone in between.

Looking at your list, things going through your mind might include:

  • How do I care for the information these people have shared with us?
  • Can I help my coworkers care for this list?
  • What about getting the list of their names and emails to a trusted partner?
  • How do I make sure this list stays private?
  • Should I even worry about this with everything else on my plate as an organizer?

Now, imagine the winds have shifted in government practices -- you’re more concerned than before about privacy and security, and you’re organizing harder than ever. It’s time to build your power, without letting worry and paranoia interfere with your strategic choices.

That’s why the NYC Stronger Communities project aims to:

  • Raise awareness around concepts in organizational digital security,
  • Give facilitators frameworks to give participants hands-on practice with security tools and tactics,
  • Advance participant’s security practices via awareness, contextual understanding, strategies, and capacity
  • Allow trainers and participants to connect with a community of practice and relationship-build

These guides are for two groups:

  1. Facilitators who are interested in facilitating workshops and programs to support organizations to implement organizational security
  2. People working in organizations interested in implementing digital security policies and practices in their organizations

Build Power - not Paranoia!