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For people in organizations who would like to learn about organizational security policies and practices, this guide takes you through a five-session workshop and training series on organizational digital security, focused on what people working in organizations need to know, learn, try out, and teach others.

This training was developed in 2017 - 2018 in NYC by a group of ten trainers who focus on supporting organizations who work with immigrant populations.

Learning About Organizational Digital Security

You’ll examine digital security work through both through the lens of history and as a part of a broader type of work on community health in general.

This series works with the awareness that we are not facing the issues we face alone, or in a historical vacuum: we are not alone, and this is not new.

Resilient strategies aren't just digital; as we address our digital security, we also work to un-compartmentalize our successes and draw parallels between the different types of personal and organizational care.

This series include security measures as components of personal and organizational care and wellness, and as ways that we care for ourselves and our communities.

You can download the full guide or any one of it’s four chapters:

An introduction to Organizational Digital Security workshops for Immigration Justice, including how to create, evaluate, and facilitate the sessions.

Teaching tools for Facilitators, including workshop outlines, agendas, exercises and instructions on facilitating.

Learning tools for Participants, including workshop learning resources and homework activities.

A glossary, readings, and resources section