Mozilla Open Leaders

Mozilla Open Leaders

Round 7

Join a cohort of open leaders fueling the Internet Health movement. Receive mentorship and training through Mozilla in this 14-week online program on working open.

Our seventh cohort of Mozilla Open Leaders starts in January 2019! We’re looking for Open Leaders to fuel the Internet Health movement by designing and building projects that empower others to collaborate within inclusive communities.

Applications for Mozilla Open Leaders 7 closed November 30th, 2018 at 23:59pm ET

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Join this program! It teaches exceptional project management and development skills that you never knew you always needed



There are two tracks in Mozilla Open Leaders 7. Both tracks follow the same 14 week schedule, but meet at separate cohort times.

Project Track

The Project Track focuses on setting up a specific open project alongside people doing similar work. (Cohorts A-D, Tuesday and Wednesday meetings)

Culture Track

The Culture Track focuses on building an open culture in any community, organization, or project with people from a variety of projects. (Cohorts E-F, Thursday meetings)

It might be especially useful to you if you:

  • Work day to day within your community to promote openness.
  • Lead cultural change in your community, organization, or project.
  • Serve in a particular outreach role to help people make change on a peer-to-peer basis.

For more information about the culture track, check out this blog post.

Through this program and community it's how PREreview started. Apply today to get your open project and ideas off the ground!


open leadership zone
The Open Leadership Zone at MozFest 2016

Don't miss the chance to apply for this one! It has been a fantastic introduction on how to set up and manage an open project! Plus it made github seem less spooky


Applications for Mozilla Open Leaders 7 closed November 30th, 2018 at 23:59pm ET

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