Some Resources to Help You During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Life during this COVID-19 global pandemic is stressful. We've also felt scared about what’s ahead and how people around the world are being impacted. Many people are having this same mix of emotions too. Let us just say though, thank goodness for the internet.

Right now, while we all must do what we can to remain physically apart, we're happy we have the internet to bring us together. Neighbors are helping neighbors through local apps and message boards, musicians are streaming free concerts online, children are having "virtual playdates", and virtual meetings are keeping many of us working.

This internet is also chock full of information we need right now. But reading too much news about the coronavirus can lead to anxiety. So we pulled together these resources to help keep you informed during this stressful time.

We hope you are following the guidance of the healthcare experts -- stay inside away from crowds, wash your hands, reach out to family, friends and neighbors to see what they might need right now. We’re all in this together, online and off.

P.S. To keep up with current news about COVID-19, check out our Pocket curated feed here -- Coronavirus: Essential Reads.

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