Mozilla OL6 cohort A | Resources To Connect Us During Times of Crisis
Mozilla Open Leaders: OL6 cohort A

The world may have been thrown into deep uncertainty but what’s keeping us at Mozilla going is the resilience and intentional collaboration we’ve seen within the MozFest community from every corner of the globe. The internet was made for this moment, and we are stepping up as a community to safeguard it.

As “enterprise” or business-intended software is getting repurposed for public use, some unintended problems have emerged: there has been a surge of “zoom-bombing” and racist trolling in these now “public” private squares. However, the global community has rallied to keep tech accountable while at home. At Mozilla, we are committed to ensuring we stay connected in these moments as well.

Below you’ll find six resources that you can use this month to connect and collaborate online. These include virtual gatherings, conferences, expert tips, and open tools to move your work forward in new and unique ways. While no one platform is perfect, we see many solutions emerging in this time. Review the list below and use what will work best for you.

6 Resources To Connect Us This Month

1."Movement-Building from Home" Community Call Series - 13 April - 6 May

You’re invited to participate in the launch of a new community call series from the MozFest team, meant to help support the continuity of your activism, community, and work during the COVID-19 global health crisis.

Whether you’ve been thrust into running a virtual conference for the first time, or you’ve been movement-building from home for years, these calls are a space for allies to share their own experience with movement building online and pivoting to virtual projects.

2. #CovidCreativesToolkit

Built collaboratively with 30+ curators, and led by MozFest-goer Kat Braybrooke, this toolkit contains free resources to support creative practitioners who need to go digital due to COVID-19.

3. Online Meeting Tips

Six unique, creative tips and advice to have great online meetings, from the working open gurus behind Mozilla Open Leaders.

4. Rapid Virtual Meeting Prototyping in the Age of a Pandemic

Mozilla recently hosted a virtual summit for over 25 fellows from around the globe. This blog post outlines how the event went from physical to virtual in 10 days and what they learned in the process.


5. The Coronavirus Hackathon - 18-19 April

A two-day hackathon “to inspire every citizen to think of real solutions to the aftermath of the Coronavirus crisis.” Applications are required and the organizers are still looking for subject matter experts. (Contact details on their website.)

6. Red Hat Virtual Summit - 28-29 April

A free, two-day virtual conference featuring “keynotes, breakout sessions, and collaboration opportunities designed for a global audience in North America and Latin America; Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; and Asia and the Pacific Rim.” Important topics include AI, data, code, diversity and inclusion, analytics, compliance, and more.

MozFest is part art, tech and society convening, part maker festival, and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world. To learn more, visit

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