Mozilla News Byte MozFest 2021 Edition
Mozilla News Byte MozFest 2021 Edition

Welcome to the News Byte, an in-depth look at one of the most important stories about the internet this week. This week: MozFest!

MozFest 2021

(#StopAsianHate — Want to educate yourself? Start here.)

Another year, another MozFest! For the uninitiated, every year we here at Mozilla put on Mozilla Festival, a multi-day affair filled with engaging discussions and workshops amongst the greatest minds in tech. This year our festival was virtual, meaning we couldn’t see you there in person. But it also means that we could all engage in the MozFestivities from the comfort of our couch in PJs. For some of the festival’s workshops, you just had to be there. Others are re-watchable online. Which ones should you check out? Here’s where we’d start:

If you have to watch one

From our Dialogues & Debates series

Don’t miss these discussions either

And that’s it! Make sure to tune in next week when we get back to our regularly scheduled News Beat. Want more? Check out a brief recap of week one and week two. Until next year!

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