Group photo collage of people on Zoom lifting their hands in the air.
Opening Circle Group Photo from MozFest 2021

Who knew that over 6,000 people could create the “togetherness” MozFest vibe through Zoom, Spatial Chat, Slack, Twitter, and LinkedIn?

In the first week, we’ve created zines, built robots, explored deep fake technology in an incredibly immersive group storytelling experience, watched live panels together in Spatial Chat, and explored dozens of topics together, from privacy to data stewardship, to game-making.

We’re 6 days into the first-ever virtual MozFest and the community has come out in record numbers:

  • Over 6,000 participants
  • Over 135 countries represented
  • Over 10,000 slack messages have been sent
  • Over 350 sessions have taken place

With 580 sessions and on-demand resources, it’s impossible for anyone to have caught everything. Here are some highlights from the first week that you may have missed.

Remember, ticket holders get access to all on-demand and recorded content for 90 days after the close of the festival! Tickets are free, with the option to donate, and are still available!

Dialogues & Debate Highlights

Automation of labour...this is a process that coming to all of us...

Lilly Irani

To make more tech resilience, we need to make citizens resilient and technology more knowledgeable

Marleen Stikker

Sessions and On-Demand Resources

Session | Creating Equitable Digital Spaces for Neurodivergent Individuals with Rin Oliver to explore how creating digital spaces, events and communities can maintain and grow their platforms with neurodivergent folks in mind and infocus.

Session | Adapting AI Pedagogy for Under-Represented Global Communities.

“If students can see themselves reflected in that story then they can become part of that story...if education can be more relevant then education becomes activism” - Aurelien, Facilitator

Art and Media | Live interaction- 0.0146 seconds with Julia Janssen is a collective read out loud performance in which people one by one recite a part of the conditions until all conditions are recorded, resulting in an auditory work of art.

Art and Media | Trustworthy AI in the City of Amsterdam – Touria Meliani, Amsterdam’s Deputy Mayor for the Digital City, discusses the different ways AI is used across the city, and shows what and how that technology works.

Ticket holders get access to all recorded sessions and on-demand content for 90 days after the festival, so make sure you have a ticket!

Social Moments and Community

In the MozFest Common Space, there are lots of rooms to get together and chat after sessions. There is also a broadcast room where you can watch the livestream and MozFest Studio together as a community.

Virtual room that looks like a movie theater with a person on the big screen. A pink box is on the left hand side with instructions on how to use the room.
MozFest Studio in the Broadcast Room in Spatial Chat

We’re also amazing things from the community on Twitter!

image of a tweet sharing thoughts on a session
image of a tweet sharing thoughts on MozFest

What’s Coming for Week 2

We’re only halfway through the incredible session that the MozFest community has put together for this year’s festival. Here are a few things we’re especially excited about coming up next week:

  • Monday: Data Stewardship Science Fair showcasing projects and prototypes that are redrawing the lines on data, shifting power away from big platforms back to consumer. No sign up necessary just join in Spatial chat.
  • Tuesday: Making AI Matter Hands-On Workshop. Help Us Solve Global Health, Climate Change, and Education Access, the first of three workshops
  • Wednesday: Battle of the Flobots, a live immersive VR performance in Mozilla Hubs Produced by Crux as part of the Black Imagination Series. This is 1 of 2 shows.
  • Thursday: Open Questions in a Warming World: Defining Our Audience. This workshop will generate ideas and questions about the underlying implications of open culture and copyright in a warming world.
  • BONUS: MozFest Closing Circle, reflecting on the last 10 days and looking to what is next for the festival, and us as a community.
  • Friday: Culture party. Wrap up the 12 days with a cross-festival event featuring activities to showcase culture, heritage, and technology.

Will you join us? Grab your MozFest ticket today to participate in the last week of MozFest and secure access to all on-demand and recorded content for 90 days after the festival!

About The Authors

Sarah Allen is the Director of MozFest and loves designing convenings for the global community to connect and collaborate with each other using the principles of open, movement organising, and federated design. These convenings empower the community to raise the most pressing issues they face in their online lives today and build solutions with other participants.

Kristina Gorr serves the internet health movement as Communications Manager for MozFest through using her passion for writing to raise awareness and uplift opportunities for others to get involved in critical conversations about web literacy, digital inclusion, privacy and security, and openness, to name a few. Her littles ones are always around, so be sure to say hi when they pop on the screen.

MozFest is part art, tech and society convening, part maker festival, and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world. To learn more, visit

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