How can we tell the story of MozFest Week 2? Every participant’s journey through this amazing collection of discussions, workshops, art experiences, conversations,, and “ ah-ha” moments will be particular and unique. There are as many— and far more—MozFest stories than there are faces in our 2021 group photo!

A photo collage of headshots of people taken on zoom
MozFest 2021 Group Photo

But let’s start with some numbers that represent this year’s virtual Mozilla Festiva, overall:

  • 9500+ Participants
  • 87 countries
  • 582 Sessions
  • 870 Facilitators

My own week 2 at MozFest included:

I also attended two fantastic talks Black Women Disrupting the Status Quo in Technology and Responding to Coded Bias: Black Women Interrogating AI which are part of a new lecture series, The Future Is Intersectional, created in collaboration with Spelman College, the Atlanta University Center Consortium, ULCA’s Center for Critical Internet Inquiry, and Mozilla. Check out the recording of these important discussions on the schedule!

At the close of MozFest 2021, I danced (both virtually and IRL) to the epic global selections of DJ (and Creative AI Space Wrangler) Douglas Arellanes at the Cultural Party organized by our fantastic Global Culture and Heritage Wranglers. The Cultural Party included coffee conversations, more music, and fantastic traditional Indian dance performances. What an amazing end to the week!

On Twitter, I glimpsed other participants’ MozFest experiences and highlights, like these:

Screenshot of tweet sharing contributions to zine project
Screenshot of tweet sharing pop up paper house from MozFest
screenshot of tweet sharing one of MozFest's Dialogues and Debates panel discussion

Keep sharing your MozFest highlights with us on twitter-- let’s hear those favorite sessions, memories, moments, connections!

And remember, while the MozFest dates have come to a close, those with a MozFest ticket can still dive into the schedule and watch recordings or experience art and media elements. Since I won’t be glued to my screen for MozFest, I know I’ll be participating in this MozFest Wildcrafting Atrium collaborative outdoor exploration project in the coming week. I’m looking forward to checking out the Oldernet Adventure!! A Digital Scavenger Hunt Through Cybercultural History, watching the On this Side of The Web Short Film, and catching up on so many amazing sessions in the schedule!

Thanks again everyone for such a terrific MozFest 2021. We’ll see you very soon!

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I am Practice Lead, Learning Experiences at Mozilla. I facilitate discovery, skill-building, collaboration across our global communities.

MozFest is part art, tech and society convening, part maker festival, and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world. To learn more, visit

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