Election Results Loading

Tomorrow, November 3, is Election Day. But this Election Day isn’t like most we’ve experienced. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, many people are mailing in their ballots and voting early in hopes of avoiding crowds at the polls. Most election years the winner is announced the night-of. This year though, voting by mail is much more popular, meaning it will take poll counters more time to tally all the votes.

Like a website with way too many images, you can expect this year’s election results to take a minute to appear. That’s why we’re encouraging our subscribers to let every vote be counted, to let the election results fully load, to let the progress bar of democracy reach all the way to 100%.

By doing so, you’re committing to the importance of everyone’s vote counting.

So encourage friends and family to give the election time to load completely. We’ve made images you can post on social. You can also find them as Instagram stickers, or Twitter gifs by searching the phrase “Election Results Loading.”

Tell your friends, family and fellow voters the importance of counting every single vote this election year. And make sure you vote by November 3.

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