What makes MozFest unique, vibrant, dynamic, and fresh, from year to year? One key element is that much of the festival is co-designed and curated by community leaders and volunteers, called Wranglers, who coordinate and support a program of highly participatory, community-led sessions.

For 2022, we welcomed over 40 wranglers, hailing from around the globe, and from disciplines as diverse as law, cybersecurity, journalism, engineering, human rights activism, open source, youth organizing, AI research, museum studies, community management, design, and more. These volunteers bring varied insights and perspectives, deep community connections, and tremendous creativity and vision to the festival.

Mozilla is truly honored to have this brilliant, talented group of people creating MozFest with us this year!


Wranglers collaborate across a 7-month period. Due to the ongoing pandemic, all our work will take place online, in virtual meetings, shared documents, and asynchronous chats. Wranglers work across time zones, disciplines, languages, and cultures. They build relationships, explore new possibilities, and work together to shape the Festival to come.

We began late summer, with activities like peer shares and brainstorming sessions to explore perspectives and ideas across the cohort; wranglers joined get-to-know-you activities like game nights, crafting workshops, and one-on-one chats. In September, through a series of collaborative activities and discussions, Wranglers generated a shortlist of themes and topics to explore at the festival, self-organized into nine thematic “Spaces” that will form the backbone of MozFest 2022. Each of these Spaces expands on our festival-wide theme of Trustworthy AI.


Wranglers carefully crafted space “narratives” as framing devices for our Call for Proposals. These are calls to action to you, and your communities. The narratives are open invitations to learn, hack, build, make, invent, and collaborate with the broader Mozilla community. Every session proposal is submitted under a Space, and serves as a response, a reimagining, an expansion, or an addition to that narrative.

What’s next? Our Call for Proposals is now open! Bring your prototypes and project ideas, case studies and curriculum, artworks and AI models to the 2022 Festival. Through Nov 5 (Add to your Calendar) you can submit a proposal to one of these spaces; we support potential facilitators through a range of resources designed to help you submit the best possible proposal. And, keep an eye on the MozFest twitter for updates, virtual community calls, in-depth blog posts, and other invitations from the Wranglers to learn and share together in the run-up to the Festival.

We’ll see you soon!

Zannah Marsh is the Wrangler Program Manager for the MozFest team at Mozilla, facilitating the community co-design of the Festival by a team of global leaders.

MozFest is part art, tech and society convening, part maker festival, and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world. To learn more, visit www.mozillafestival.org.

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