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Mozilla Festival is the world's leading event for and by the open Internet movement.

MozFest 2019 Highlights

By Zannah Marsh on Jan. 13, 2020

Your Future, Decentralized

By Nicole Shadowen on Dec. 5, 2019

Introducing ‘Takiwātanga,’ Mozfest’s first Neurodiversity Space

By Sean Gilroy, Leena Haque on Nov. 26, 2019

How To MozFest: An Open Book For the Internet Health Movement

By Kristina Gorr on Nov. 12, 2019

The Making of MozFest

By Zannah Marsh on Nov. 10, 2019

Dialogues & Debates: Highlights from the MozFest Speaker Series

By Mozilla on Oct. 15, 2019

Join us at MozFest, Mozilla’s annual celebration of the internet

By Mozilla on Oct. 10, 2019

MozFest 2019 Tickets Are on Sale Now

By Zannah Marsh on Sept. 18, 2019