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The AI IRL Space at MozFest 2021 is bringing together communities of AI builders, researchers, and educators from across the world to share practitioner-centric perspectives on AI in real life. In real life, AI is everywhere. It moves people, it fuels aspirations, it enables new opportunities and helps us discover new delights. But it is also closing doors, feeding stereotypes, crushing dreams and throttling access to services.

To be trustworthy, AI in real life must be practiced responsibly.

To be trustworthy, AI in real life must be practiced responsibly. While the AI research community is starting to recognise the need to address the social impacts of AI, there is a serious lack of concrete case studies that show how AI algorithms and products shape the lives of people in our complex world. We have curated a unique programme of case studies and approaches from diverse geographical and societal contexts to deliberate on what developing, deploying, and integrating AI systems in real life actually entails.

From India to South Africa and the Philippines, our facilitators are streaming diverse and engaging sessions from different corners of the globe. Join us to explore 25 exceptional workshops and discussions that bring you AI in real life.

Each day from 9 - 17 March we focus on a different theme:

  • The first week will cover health; civil society, government and governance; internet, art and media; and design and pedagogy.
  • In the second week we are discovering AI IRL in justice and surveillance; voice and language; and human rights and social services.
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Participate in our hackathon for responsible AI practitioners.

Do you want to move from dialogue to action? In collaboration with Mozilla’s Building Trustworthy AI Working Group we are hosting a hackathon to grow a community of responsible AI practitioners that promote inclusive and ethical practices in AI. Shining the spotlight on some projects, the hackathon will feature The Zen of Machine Learning, Performance and Robustness Evaluation for Statistical Classifiers, Nanny Surveillance State, Dutch and Frisian Common Voice Data Hack, and Mapping AI Ecosystems in the Middle East / North Africa region.

On 13 March the whole Mozilla community is invited to participate in the hackathon to develop together and contribute to the projects. The hackathon is culminating in networking events for special interest groups and a closing event with demos of the projects will be hosted on 14 March.

Most sessions are limited to 30 participants, so get your ticket now and stay tuned for our lineup and session registration in mid-February!

About The Authors

Three headshots of the AI IRL at MozFest 2021 Space Wranglers with their names and locations under the circular photos on a purple and pink background

Kiwako Sakamoto | AI IRL Wrangler. A feral researcher/engineer; prev @World Bank to pioneer and institutionalize data science with responsible practices.

Muriel Rovira-Esteva | AI IRL Wrangler. Researcher. Developer. Data Scientist. Human rights & freedoms activist, including their expression in a digital and technological context.

Wiebke Toussaint | AI IRL Wrangler. Trustworthy AI. Courageous, curious, creative critic en route to a PhD in Edge Intelligence.

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