Blurry face reflected in a screenshot of an app with a green header that says “facework” and a overlaid gray box with a job summary and earnings.
Screenshot of the author playing Facework, one of many community projects you don’t want to miss from MozFest. Credit: Photo by MozFest CC BY 2.0.

The 2021 Mozilla Festival isn’t over, til it’s over, and it isn’t over yet!

I don’t know about you all, but as a MozFest ticket holder, the Plaza has become my new binge-watching platform where I’ve been catching up on the sessions I missed during the packed schedule of our twelve days of live activity. The best part is that for many sessions, it’s not about watching a recording of a Zoom session; there's lots more to engage in: podcasts, games, VR spaces, and so much more!

If you’re looking for some new material to explore, here are 5 community projects you’ll want to check out before the Plaza closes on June 16th, 2021. Even if you don’t have a MozFest ticket, you can explore these projects and get involved!

5 MozFest Community Projects Not to Miss


We had a lot of new Spaces this year but one of our “returners” was the Neurodiversity Space. A session by Sara Peeters on sketchnoting got a lot of love from participants. She put together this lovely review of sessions she attended in the Space using the sketchnoting technique she shared in her session where she also shared a PDF tutorial for sketchnoting so you can try it yourself. Take a look and give it a whirl!

2. Museum of the Fossilized Internet.

Many think of online documentation as an eco-friendly alternative to cutting down trees and printing things on paper, yet the internet has a climate cost, as well. The Sustainability Space hosted an exhibition on that topic called “Museum of the Fossilized Internet”. How much energy does it take to power your late night Netflix binge session? How much electricity does Bitcoin require? This session is hosted on Hubs, Mozilla’s own VR chatroom platform. You can browse the exhibit on your desktop, your mobile phone, or if you REALLY want to jump in, it also works with any virtual reality headset.

3. COMPOST Publication.

If an online magazine is more your speed, check out the inaugural issue of COMPOST hosted by the Decentralization Space. This new online publication was designed with open-sourced tools that allow contributors to have a say on the platforms where they want their materials published. They also have an equitable compensation practice in place. In their first issue, contributors explored the theme Fertile Grounds and to quote the magazine’s Foreward “(t)hey point to ways the web’s physical infrastructures weave into our ecosystems and how the living have adapted to this reality.” They’re also looking for contributors for their second issue!

4. Wampum Codes Podcast.

Want to experience MozFest away from the computer for a bit? For an audio treat, take a listen to Wampum Codes, a podcast session hosted by the Global Culture & Heritage Space. In her podcast, Amelia Winger-Bearskin (a Mozilla Fellow), explores the intersection of ethical values, culture, and internet technology. Listen in as she interviews native and indigenous people who are game designers, comedians, artists and more!

5. Facework.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, take a glimpse into a possible future with Facework, a session hosted in our Partner Space. This game brings you in as a gig worker trying to earn money while applying for various jobs using facial images. (Don’t worry… no images are saved or uploaded to the app.) Get a lesson on facial recognition, machine learning, and the gig economy while trying to increase your imaginary bank account. Don’t be surprised when you’re contacted by a fellow Faceworker, looking to buck the system.

What are your favorite pieces from the 2021 MozFest collection of community projects? Share your faves on Slack or Twitter tagging @mozillafestival and #MozFest.

All ticket holders can check out the recordings, resources, and projects presented at this year’s MozFest through June 16th, 2021 on the MozFest Plaza. For those who didn’t get a ticket to MozFest, you can see our collection of publicly available recordings from the festival here.

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About the Author

Stephanie Wright’s role as Senior Program Manager for MozFest allows her the opportunity to create a bridge between the work of the Mozilla Foundation, its partners, and the community. Steph’s support for an open and healthy internet stems from her past professional work in librarianship, open data, and open science.

MozFest is part art, tech and society convening, part maker festival, and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world. To learn more, visit

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