Research Grant: Who cares about AI?

Research Grant: Who cares about AI?


With the use of artificial intelligence becoming more pervasive worldwide, Mozilla is concerned with how people will be both positively and negatively impacted. We believe that who develops AI and how AI is being deployed is of particular importance to social justice, but we also realize that people working for different social causes don’t necessarily see their concerns reflected in initiatives by Mozilla or other technology or digital policy organizations.

So how does AI currently surface as an area of interest or concern in different communities?

Through the Africa Innovation Mradi Research Grants, we aim to support research led by communities committed to social justice that will identify and analyze the intersections between AI and their respective priorities in Southern and Eastern Africa. This could be an in depth look at AI in relation to human rights, economic justice, racial justice, community justice, gender justice, disability justice, LGBTQIA+ rights, environmental justice, or another issue of your choosing.

Meet the grantees

Meet the Africa Innovation Mradi Research Grantees examining the impact of AI on diverse communities across the continent, and the needs of these communities.