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Mozilla Open Leaders

Work Open, Lead Open

Join a cohort of open leaders fueling the Internet Health movement. Receive mentorship and training through Mozilla in this 14-week online program on working open.

Our sixth cohort of Mozilla Open Leaders starts in September 2018! We’re looking for Open Leaders to fuel the Internet Health movement by designing and building projects that empower others to collaborate within inclusive communities.

Applications are closed for Mozilla Open Leaders 6.

Stories from Open Leaders

Join this program! It teaches exceptional project management and development skills that you never knew you always needed


New This Round

Culture Track

This round, we’re piloting a new "culture track" to improve how we serve participants who work on openness outside of traditional projects. We'll focus on the principles, practices, and skills of open leadership. This track will help you understand how to design and build an open culture that promotes understanding, sharing, and participation and inclusion so you and your teammates feel empowered to make the change you want to see in the world.

It might be especially useful to you if you:

  • Work day to day within your community to promote openness.
  • Lead cultural change in your community, organization, or project.
  • Serve in a particular outreach role to help people make change on a peer-to-peer basis.

More information about this track will follow, so stay tuned or drop us an email.

Theme: Data and You

“Exploring the data we create, the platforms and devices that collect it, ways to secure it and the laws that protect it.”

Between GDPR and Cambridge Analytica we’ve seen a rise in awareness around the use and collection of personal data in 2018. That’s why, along with other projects related in Internet health, we’re looking to highlight work related to the theme “Data and You”.

If you’re creating tools or raising awareness about personal data, please apply! We want to explore ways to connect our personal feelings, observations and motivations with the topic of personal data.

Through this program and community it's how PREreview started. Apply today to get your open project and ideas off the ground!


open leadership zone

The Open Leadership Zone at MozFest 2016

Don't miss the chance to apply for this one! It has been a fantastic introduction on how to set up and manage an open project! Plus it made github seem less spooky


Applications are closed for Mozilla Open Leaders 6

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