*Privacy Included: Rethinking the Smart Home

*Privacy Included: Rethinking the Smart Home


*Privacy Included: Rethinking the Smart Home is a special edition of the Internet Health Report consisting of two new articles and one previously published feature.

It explores what can be done to make the global ecosystem for smart things healthier, in a brief and accessible way, through storytelling and conversations with experts.

This short publication was designed as a companion to Mozilla’s annual *Privacy Not Included buyer’s guide which assesses the privacy and security of around 70 new products in 2019.

You can download the lovely print version or read here online.

The Internet Health Report is an open source publication by Mozilla that documents and explains the health of the internet across five issues: decentralization, privacy and security, openness, web literacy, and digital inclusion. The most recent annual version was published in April 2019.


Editorial team: Solana Larsen, Sam Burton, Kasia Odrozek, Stefan Back, and Jairus Khan.

Illustrations: Xenia Latii Print design: Agency of None

Thank you to all the topic experts and allies from a wide variety of disciplines who generously contributed ideas to this publication through interviews and in writing.

Stefan Baack
Owen Bennett
Cathleen Berger
Peter Bihr
Ashley Boyd
Lyall Bruce
Georgia Bullen
Sam Burton
Jen Caltrider
Bofu Chen
Irvin Chen
Kelly Davis
Selena Deckelmann
Ame Elliot
Felipe Fonseca
Ben Francis
Kathy Giori
Tony Gjerulfsen
Davide Gomba
Max von Grafenstein
Lisa Gutermuth
Jofish Kaye
Jairus Khan
Solana Larsen
Xenia Latii
Ben Moskowitz
Kasia Odrozek
Steve Penrod
Abigail Phillips
Kristina Shu
Bobby Richter
Becca Ricks
Chris Riley
Jon Rogers
Christiane Ruetten
Nicole Shadowen
Genia Shipova
Kevin Su
Peyton Sun
Mark Surman
James Teh
Michelle Thorne
Sofia Yan
Tammy Yang
Sarah Zatko


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