Mozilla Open Leaders

Mozilla Open Leaders

Participants - Cohort F

These are the open leaders in Cohort F. See all other Cohorts in OL7.

I am PhD candidate at Simon Fraser University. My project, codename Labora, investigates labor and sociality in the tech/digital industry.

Tech policy and regulation specialist. Does . OSS CMS privacy working group. Currently available for work. IANAL

Brazilian researcher interested in Open Science, Open Data, specially open laboratory notebooks. Working at Fiocruz Open Science Group.

Community Outreach Coordinator at EMBL. Promoting Inclusiveness in Open Science. Mozilla OL7 Grad. SSI Fellow. 💚everything Open 😇

Microbiologist. Scientist-communicator. Lego-enthusiast. Open scientist in-training.

I'm a PhD Student in Informatics at the University of Illinois. I'm passionate about scientific data visualization and representation.

Involved in the CiviCRM open source project, interested in good governance, spend my days helping non-profits use their CRM systems well

I have been a multimedia designer for 20 years and just got my masters degree from Harvard. I am working on a Commons Innovation Framework.

I am an international education practitioner at Stellenbosch University.

I'm deeply passionate about Open Access, Open Educational Resources, Open Data, and enabling access to publicly funded research outputs.

Lindsey Frost Dodson

Chattanooga, TN

Senior Program Officer @ Mozilla. Lindsey works on program management across our Fellowships and Awards tracks.

Outstanding writer and scholar. Has represented Peru in international events combining the creative power of Art, Science and Humanities.

Stimulating & imaging human brains at CUBRIC (Cardiff University). PhD candidate (University of York). Centre for Open Science ambassador.

Hardware hacker, bio-engineer, entrepreneur. Co-founder and CEO of Sci-Bots