Mozilla Open Leaders

Mozilla Open Leaders

Participants - Cohort D

These are the open leaders in Cohort D. See all other Cohorts in OL7.

Always listening, always learning. Hacking my way into bridging the gap between tech + government.

I am a high school filmmaker and a community leader in diversity and education

A budding neuroscientist interested in open hardware and innovation

ComputerScience fan of physics. #SeguridadDigital @segudigital mercenario tecnológico. @mozilla Fellow 2018 con @derechosdigital @(・●・)@

Cheuk Ting Ho

London, UK

Cheuk is a data scientist, a public speaker. She encourages women in technology, and actively contributes to Python open source projects.

Co-founder and co-organizer of the Sao Paulo Legal Hackers. Youth Fellow in LACIGF and IGF 2018 by ISOC.

Feminist. LGBT+ & Digital rights.

I am a digital artist and curator.

I create open source tools for creative coding. Sometimes I teach youngsters about tech. Background in Telecom Eng. and Cognitive sciences

Software Engineering Student at University of Brasília, open source developer, python programmer, functional languages lover!

Software Engineering Student at University of Brasília - Brazil. Mostly a Python programmer and DevOps. Also a bassist and musician :)

Designer at Access Now ( Creator of Cita Press ( I care about the Internet, art, and books. Sometimes I write.

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