Mozilla Open Leaders

Mozilla Open Leaders

Participants - Cohort C

These are the open leaders in Cohort C. See all other Cohorts in OL7.

Nick Kaufmann is a Civic Technologist and Charitable Mechanic from Portland, Maine. He is a leader of Open Maine, a Code for America Brigade

Selina Musuta

Washington D.C., USA

A web developer and infosec practitioner that is inspired daily by speculative fiction, music, and her people’s ability to survive & thrive

Director, NCSU Copyright & Digital Scholarship Center. Here to help with copyleft, OER, open culture. More at:

Tech enthusiast, Python Developer, Girls/Women in IT advocate and mentor. I love learning and transferring what i learn to people around me.


Physics student interested in brains, complexity and open science; and lately, education.

Postdoctorat in abstract mathematics. Engaged into social and creative wanderings involving algorithmic territories, soundscapes, etc.

Scott Kildall is a new media artist and educator. His is the founder of Xenoform Labs: an art studio and artist residency program.

I am the founder of YoDa (your data), an AI powered personal data agent giving consumers copyright-like ownership over all their information

Chemical Engineering undergrad and pianist passionate about open assistive tech, education, and how they can be integrated with one another.

I am a biomedical engineer, and the goal of my research is to help people regain or improve their movement following injury.

CS undergrad,full-stack web developer,space-enthusiast,learner for life.

A mathematics and computer science student interested in open source.

Bhuvana Meenakshi Koteeswaran

Salem, Tamil Nadu, India

MozFest 2018-22 | Socio-Tech Researcher | Spatial Cadetz |Mozilla Rep | Mozilla OL7 grad | NeuroDivergent

A writer with a Finance background, Meriam is convinced that to fight economic inequality pushing social entrepreneurship is sorely needed.

Spanish Developer working @ iZettle in Stockholm. I <3 computer science and sharing knowledge!

A woman with disability,2016-2017 UN Women Empower Women Champion for Change,2018 World Pulse Featured Story Teller.

Sandra Muellrick

Berlin. Germany

Biologist/robot whisperer/open science enthusiast in NYC. Democratizing biotech at Opentrons, collaborating across the multiverse.

I am a law graduate. Working with Government, India. Passionate to learn, participate and contribute to lead a healthy digital life.